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Meal Plans For Vegans
Meal Plans For Vegans
October 28, 2018 / staff
Meal Plans For Vegans
October 28, 2018 / staff

Despite once being a very niche diet, veganism has suddenly taken the world by storm and is encouraging a rising number of people to ditch meat and other animal-related produce for good. For some, a vegan diet is simply a way to lose weight and focus on eating more organic foods to provide your body with the pure nutrients that it needs but on the other hand, and quite possibly the most popular reason behind veganism, is the opportunity to help animals and preserve their innocence in the world. Nevertheless, no matter what your beliefs, veganism can be a tricky diet to tackle, especially if you aren’t fond of vegetables or you have no idea what the appropriate substitutes are for food groups such as protein and dairy.

If you’re in need of some meal plan inspiration, or you’re desperate to know what substitutes you should be incorporating into your diet, just carry on reading!

First Of All, Why Go Vegan?

It’s a question that’s asked by many, and while there is often a long, highly passionate answer to explain it, we’re here to break it down for you a little. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are strongly passionate about the welfare of our animals, and highly encourage everyone to follow a vegan diet in order to preserve our precious creatures.

However, while preventing people from eating, wearing, experimenting on or using animals for entertainment is certainly a common reason, it isn’t the only concern when taking up veganism. Instead, by following a vegan diet, you can also help to save the planet, as mass meat production certainly isn’t considered ‘green’, and so the consumption of the food at its current scale is actually dangerous for the planet. What you may not know is that the meat industry is one of the biggest culprits contributing to climate change, and thus adopting a vegan diet can help you to fight against pollution and global warming – ultimately, you’re keeping the Earth healthy, and yourself at the same time!

Nutritional Advice

It’s hardly unheard of that meat is the biggest supplier of protein in our diets, but once you’ve cut meat out of the equation completely, how can you provide your body with these much-needed nutrients? It isn’t just protein that you need to worry about. Cutting out other nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, can result in malnutrition - A lack of vitamin D alone causes diseases such as scurvy (yes, this still exists!). With so much panic surrounding nutritional substitutes, we’re here to show you how you can still incorporate these crucial nutrients into your vegan diet, and in decent amounts, too.


Why You Need It

  • Keeps your skin, bones, muscles and organs healthy, helps your metabolism.


  • Nuts, peanut butter, seeds, grains & legumes


Why You Need It

  • Contributes to production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body.


  • Oranges & broccoli


Why You Need It

  • Builds strong bones.


  • Soybeans & dark leafy greens (e.g. broccoli, bok choy, kale)

While these are the key nutrients that your body requires, there are also other supplements that your body will require once you take on a vegan diet. Once again, we’ve compiled a short table to show you the supplements that you need to maintain good health, why they’re important and how you can include them in your vegan diet.

Vitamin D

Why It’s Important

  • Helps your body to absorb calcium and promotes bone growth.


  • Soymilk, rice milk & some cereals, but can be taken as a supplement.

Vitamin B12

Why It’s Important

  • Helps body to produce red blood cells and prevent anaemia.


  • Soymilk & some cereals, but can be taken as a supplement.


Why It’s Important

  • Needed to make thyroid hormone, which is essential for brain & nervous system development.


  • Taken as a supplement in a 140mcg portion for adults.

How Do You (Not) Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

Now that poached eggs on toast aren’t an option or even cereal unless you use soy or almond milk, what will you have for breakfast now? When deciding to follow a vegan diet, many people focus solely on how they’ll cope with dinner plans, but often forget the likes of breakfast and lunch. If you’re completely stuck for breakfast ideas, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a small weekly vegan breakfast plan, offering you a whole variety of different dishes.


Remove the top of your onion, cut in half lengthwise and peel off the skin.


Place the flat side of the onion down, and then rest the knife against the flat of your knuckles, sliding your fingers backwards as you slice.


If you want to dice the onion, you should lay the half on its flat side and make incisions vertically, but don’t cut through the root, as this keeps the incised segments together while you dice. For best result, turn your onion 90 degrees and make crosswise slices.


Dice your onion, and then lay a flat hand across the tip of your knife and cut the onions using a rocking motion, which should continue until you’re happy with the fineness of your onion.


Dice your onion, and then lay a flat hand across the tip of your knife and cut the onions using a rocking motion, which should continue until you’re happy with the fineness of your onion.

Many people are often under the misconception that veganism is highly limiting, and that you’ll be able to eat next to nothing when it comes to interesting dishes, but very clearly these people are wrong. At SunBasket alone, you can enjoy succulent meals from eggplant lasagne to pea fritters with mixed green salad. With breakfast alone, you’re able to cook a variety of dishes, both sweet and savoury, using nutritional and tasty foods to kick-start your morning the right way.

The Importance Of Meal Planning For Vegans

Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people that will plan their meals on a weekly basis, but for vegans in particular it’s an activity that you should get into the habit of doing. When starting a vegan diet, you’ll notice that some products can be much more expensive due to the niche diet that they’re targeting, so you’ll end up spending more money than you initially needed to. However, by thoroughly planning your vegan meals beforehand, you’re able to save yourself considerable amounts of money.

When in the supermarket, we have a tendency to rush and throw as many things into our trolley as quickly as possible to get away from the crowds, but one slip could lead you to unknowingly eating animal produce! This is a truly horrible feeling, so careful meal preparation allows you to confidently know what is going into your meals. Moreover, effective meal planning will allow you to monitor the nutrients that you’re incorporating into your meals, so you can double check that you’re receiving the right portion of protein or calcium for that week.

It’s all well-and- good knowing why meal planning is so important, but how do you actually achieve it? Well, we would recommend taking some time out on a Sunday morning to plan for the week ahead, allowing you to purchase the products that you need later on in the day ready for the commencing week. If you have cookbooks, or you’re subscribed to reputable meal delivery kit suppliers such as meals.hellowfresh, you can browse through their menus and select meals that match your dietary requirements.

Whatever your reasons are for following a vegan diet, there are many ways in which you can plan your meals in advance. Meal planning for vegans is essential, as by doing so you can ensure that you’re still receiving the crucial nutrients that would be found in meats and animal produce. Once you’ve nailed the meal planning process though, you’re ready to tackle the vegan diet – good luck!

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