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Planning and monitoring your meals yourself can be a challenge, and truthfully a real chore. However, with Freshly, meal planning and preparation is suddenly made exciting and enjoyable. With endless dishes to choose from, made from the most organic ingredients, you can enjoy succulent, delicious meals without the excess calories or stress.
How Does Freshly Work?
The talented team at Freshly work hard to ensure that your meal preparation is convenient and sustainable, while also ensuring that the meals that you’re eating are healthy without compromising the gourmet taste. Behind the scenes, there will be a team of skilled chefs cooking the dishes for you, so that all you need to do upon arrival is warm up the meal and save yourself hours of sweating away in the kitchen! In order to make meal time as convenient as possible, Freshly ensures that reheating your meal takes a maximum of 3 minutes, so you can have scrumptious meals on the table for you and your family in no time at all.
In order to ensure that the meals delivered to your door are as organic as possible, Freshly never use artificial products, so you can rest assured that the colours and flavours of your meals are completely natural. Furthermore, the meals are always delivered fresh to your door, as they’re never frozen and are instead cooked to order.
What Does Freshly Offer?
When ordering from Freshly, you have 4 different plans to choose from depending on how many meals you want for that week. On the menu, there are a range of different breakfasts and entrees to choose from, from veggie baked penne to turkey shepherd’s pie. When it comes to their recipes, all of the meals on the Freshly menu are free from gluten, so anyone suffering from coeliac disease is able to pick whether they desire from the menu.
Upon scanning the Freshly menu, you may also discover that meals are suited to a range of other dietary requirements, including vegetarians, soy-free and even meals below 500 calories for people watching their waistline.
Pros & Cons
One of the biggest advantages of using Freshly, which sets them apart from all other meal kit providers, is how their packaging is 100% sustainable, allowing you to recycle everything, from the box itself to the food’s packaging. In order to keep your food fresh, biodegradable recycled denim is used for insulation as opposed to Styrofoam, but it doesn’t end there. All of the containers within the package are recyclable, and the meals are all portioned to the exact size of the containers so there is as little waste as possible. Additionally, the large emphasis placed on healthy living is very encouraging for customers, as Freshly feature a list of 85 banned ingredients on their website, allowing you to understand how organic the meals that you’re receiving are.
On the flip side, there are a couple of negatives regarding Freshly, the first being their meal selection. Unlike other meal kit suppliers, Freshly only offer breakfasts and entrees, whereas many other competitors offer desserts and lunches too, with some even including wine into their meal plan! Furthermore, the website itself can be a little confusing. For example, when clicking onto the ‘How it Works’ tab, it shows you the different plans on offer as opposed to how the actual process itself works. In order to find this information, you need to select ‘Our Mission’.
When it comes down to the pricing of the plans on offer at Freshly, you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are! Considering that a weekly grocery shop now costs between $146 and $289 in America, selecting a meal kit provider such as Freshly could save you a lot of money. We’ve created a table to show you the different prices below.
Classic Menu
  • 3 meals per week - $12.50 cost per meal - $49.99 Weekly Total
  • 3 meals per week - $9.99 cost per meal - $59.99 Weekly Total
  • 3 meals per week - $9.99 cost per meal - $89.99 Weekly Total
  • 3 meals per week - $8.99 cost per meal - $107.99 Weekly Total
Delivery Details
When you select a meal plan from Freshly, you’ll be delighted to know that all plans come with free shipping, so you haven’t got to pay a penny more than the figures featured on the website. When your meal kit is out for delivery, in order to make the process as convenient as possible, you don’t even need to be home to receive the parcel. Instead, thanks to the sustainably insulated packages, your plan can sit on your doorstep safely until you arrive home. For peace of mind though, Freshly deliver Tuesday through Saturday, so you can be home upon delivery if you so wish
Help & Support
In order to help their customers as much as possible, Freshly have an in-depth FAQ page with a range of different answers to the most popular questions. From the service itself to the payment and promotions, there isn’t much information missing from this page. However, should you have an unanswered question after visiting the FAQs page, you can always contact Freshly on 1-844-373-7459 or start a live chat with a friendly team member! When calling Freshly, you should remember that the phone lines are open every day, but only from 2pm to 7am GMT.
Bottom Line
In summary, Freshly provide an exquisite service to all customers, with a range of meals all prepared with other dietary requirements in mind, opening up to doors to those with limited diets. Plus, for people wanting to stick to a healthy, organic meal plan, Freshly is the place to go thanks to their strict ban on artificial and processed foods.
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