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Working full-time can often mean that we don’t have time to even prepare what we’re going to eat for dinner, let alone actually cook the meals ourselves. If you’re in need of a meal kit delivery service to make your life a little bit easier in the evening, why not turn to Hello Fresh? They offer organic, delicious meal plans that will save your life in a culinary crisis.
How Hello Fresh Works
To ensure that everyone is catered for, Hello Fresh offer meal plans that can fit perfectly around your lifestyle. When you select a meal plan, you can customise it according to your dietary requirements, as well as the amount of people that live under your roof and the times that you’re home to receive the meal plan.
Once you’ve found the perfect plan for you, you’re then able to select from an extensive range of different recipes, tailored to all dietary requirements so nobody’s left out. You’ll never have to worry about experiencing the same flavors over and over again either, because the talented dietitians behind Hello Fresh create 15 new recipes every week, so you will have something to look forward to. Following this, you will then receive your high-quality, fresh ingredients straight to your door, and you don’t even need to be home to receive them either, as the boxes are insulated to keep ingredients fresh until you return home.
What Do Hello Fresh Offer?
When it comes to Hello Fresh’s meal plans, they offer a classic plan perfect for 2, as well as a family plan for 4. However, what makes Hello Fresh different is how they also offer a veggie plan, allowing fellow herbivores to enjoy succulent meals without the meat. Furthermore, the recipes on their weekly menus are mouth-watering, with chicken cheddar fajitas, barbecue pulled pork sandwiches and tropical fish tacos to name a few. It’s important to remember that when selecting Hello Fresh as your meal kit provider, they only offer dinner recipes.
Having said that, you can also order wine from Hello Fresh, making your meal feel that little bit more gourmet. Similar to the meal plans, you can choose from numerous top-quality red, white or mixed wines, and will have 6 bottles delivered straight to your door fuss-free.
Pros & Cons
Hello Fresh is completely unique compared to other meal kit providers simply down to the fact that they offer their customers an app to help make the planning process even easier! At Hello Fresh, they understand that schedules can be unpredictable, which is why their app gives you the opportunity to pause your deliveries, or modify your plan should it struggle to fit in with your lifestyle. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to prepare their scrumptious meals without the right utensils or appliances, which is why Hello Fresh has their very own kitchenware shop, allowing you to purchase items from measuring glasses to cutting boards.
On the downside, the variation of recipes can be a little poor if you’re opting for a vegetarian or family plan. On the classic menu, there are usually 8 recipes altogether, however there are just 3 on the veggie menu, and 5 on the family one. Because of this, vegetarians are often stuck for choice, and instead have to select what’s on the menu otherwise they won’t be able to fulfil their plan.
We’ve already mentioned the plans that Hello Fresh offer, but are the prices reasonable? Personally, we think so, but we’ll let you make that ultimate decision. Plus, if you find yourself feeling a little bit more glamorous, we have also included the prices for the wine deals, should you want to add this to your overall order.
Meal Plans
  • Veggie Plan 2-4 Number 3 $9.99 Mixed Wine Plan 6 (750ml) $14.83 $89.00 - $11.99 Total Per Serving - $71.94 Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $11.99 Total Per Serving - $71.94 Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $11.99 Total Per Serving - $71.94 Weekly Total
Wine Plans
  • 2 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $79.92 Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $119.88 Weekly Total
  • 4 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $159.84 Weekly Total
Delivery Details
When it comes to the meal plans at Hello Fresh, all of the plans come with free delivery, so you don’t need to worry about any added fees when selecting your plan. In addition, the delivery fee is included within the overall plan price, so you only pay for what you see. Typically, deliveries occur between 8am and 8pm, and while you don’t need to be home upon arrival, being there can provide you with that extra peace of mind. Plus, since circumstances do often change, you can change your delivery day by logging onto your account via the Hello Fresh app, allowing you to arrange a date that’s more convenient for you.
Help & Support
All of your questions are bound to be answered on the Hello Fresh site, as their help centre is bursting with useful information regarding all things from delivery to the meal plans themselves. What’s more though is how Hello Fresh offer support to students by providing them with a 15% discount in partnership with UNiDAYS, making their boxes even more affordable to those with a tighter budget. They have a chat bot on their website for any urgent queries, as well as an inquiry form.
Bottom Line
Hello Fresh is perfect for people wanting to make their meal plans more exciting for a fraction of the price! With a variety of delicious meals on the classic menu to choose from, you have no excuse not to become a culinary genius in the kitchen! Moreover, with the convenience that Hello Fresh offer their customers, you know that you’re in safe hands.
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