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We all know how difficult to can be to stick to a diet plan and not stray from it. If you’re looking for a meal kit service that offers organically-sourced ingredients straight to your door, Blue Apron is the provider for you. From delicious meals to even refined wine selections, there’s nothing that they don’t offer.
How Does Blue Apron Work?
Not everyone is a culinary genius in the kitchen, which is why Blue Apron offers meal plans that are simple to follow, yet delicious all at the same. The menu planning is done for you, with many different plans to choose from in order to meet your culinary needs. Upon delivery, you will receive fresh, locally sourced ingredients in order to throw together a healthy, organic meal that you know is going to provide you with all the essential nutrients.
Different from other meal kit providers, Blue Apron ensure that a better food system is created by partnering with farmers, as the distribution system used ensures that ingredients can be delivered at a better value. Therefore, Blue Apron are able to invest in what they believe matters most – our environment and communities alike. Therefore, when receiving your ingredients, you can rest assured that your seafood has been recommended by Seafood Watch®, and that the meat that you’ve been provided with hasn’t been stuffed with hormones or antibiotics.
What Does Blue Apron Offer?
At Blue Apron, there are 2 plan options, known as the 2-Person Plan and the Family Plan. During the 2 Person Plan, there are 2-3 recipes that are perfectly portioned for two people, with a delivery commencing once every week. On this plan, you have the opportunity to choose from 8 different, bespoke recipes. Alternatively, what makes Blue Apron so special is how they also provide customers with a Family Plan, taking into account that not all customers will want to feed a minimum of 2 mouths. With the Family Plan, you can feed up to 4 people, and depending on the menu you have selected, you will receive 4 recipes for that week.
Pros & Cons
You simply can’t knock the convenience of Blue Apron – they source all of the ingredients themselves, prepare the meal plans for you and deliver all of the produce straight to your door, so all you need to do is cook it! From the information above, you know that all of your ingredients have been naturally sourced, so you aren’t consuming anything that has been processed or is dangerous. Furthermore, Blue Apron offers an undisputable amount of recipes in their weekly plans, from Pesto & Goal Cheese Fusilli to Sweet Potato & Mushroom Bao, so you get a proper selection with your boxes.
However, there has been quality issues associated with the brand. Many have found that once the produce was finally delivered at their door, some vegetables were often beginning to wilt, making customers feel pressured to cook the ingredients right away, or otherwise face the decision of disposing of the produce without even using it. In addition to this, although Blue Apron suggest that they’re meals are easy and quick to cook, actually prepping the ingredients can be a daunting task, especially for those who find themselves short on time. So, in reality, the Blue Apron plans might not be as efficient as you think – it mostly depends on your cookery skills.
As you’d expect, the pricing differs depending on the meal plan that you have selected. Below, we’ve compiled a simple table to show you the costs of the meal plans depending on the plan and number of recipes you’ve selected.
2 Person Plan
  • 2 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $51.95 (INCLUDES 7.99$ SHIPPING) Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $10.99 Total Per Serving - $65.94 Weekly Total
Family Plan
  • 2 Recipes - $9.99 Total Per Serving - $79.92 Weekly Total
  • 3 Recipes - $8.99 Total Per Serving - $107.88 Weekly Total
  • 4 Recipes - $8.99 Total Per Serving - $143.84 Weekly Total
Delivery Details
With Blue Apron, all of your meal plans will be delivered straight to your door, including farm-fresh, seasonal produce and meat without hormones among many others. Currently, the only plan that requires a delivery fee is the 2-Person Plan for 2 recipes, at a total of $7.99 for shipping. In terms of delivery locations, the Blue Apron deliver nationwide to the contiguous United States, and you can check that you’re specific area is delivered to on their website.
Help & Support
The Blue Apron website is bursting with useful information, with an in-depth FAQ to answer all of your crucial questions, whether they involve the meals, wine or even the market. In the wine section, for example, you can learn about the wine program, how you can sign up to it and where you can gain more knowledge about the wins provided by Blue Apron. However, if you aren’t able to find the answer that you were looking for, Blue Apron are more than happy for you to contact them individually on (646) 891-4349 or (888) 278-4349. Alternatively, you can also fill out a quick and easy form on their website should you have any inquiries about the services they have to offer.
Bottom Line
Despite the minor issues that people have found with the wilting of produce upon arrival, Blue Apron offers a bespoke meal kit delivery service to help all individuals, whether they have several mouths to feed or simply for people desiring to try something new. Plus, with their vision to improve the food produce market, you can enjoy your succulent meals know that the eco-system was not harmed in the process.
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